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Creative Ideas for Stylish Patio Design

A patio is a really worthwhile investment and it goes a long way to enhance or create a particular design style. Let’s be honest, a patio is also well where we live the most in our Gardens. It’s where we eat, it’s where we relax, and it’s where we play with the children. Even it’s a small garden, it’s where we grow our fruit and veg in pots so it’s important to get it right.

The patio can be very traditional but it can also be wonderful in modern it all depends on the type of stone the ease the pattern and how you lay them. There are so many different types of materials that you can use to create all manner of different shapes and sizes of the patio so, here is a few ideas and tips to get those creative juices flowing.

Use Slabs
If you’re looking for a smooth and structured style then to get that design LEED feel opt for clean and crisp lines I’ll let you into a secret. It’s really easy to achieve that professional contemporary look. The Arabian slabs come in mix sighs packs and you can use them in a very defined and repeated pattern. If you fancy a different pattern you could lay out the slabs dry in your garden until you get the look that you want. You could use smaller aggregate areas to create interest and of course, you can put planting here as well. Think about using aggregate in a larger area to create a contrast with your patio.

Use Circular Patio Kit
Now your patio is really stylish in a traditional way if you look at the surface its tonal and textural variations make it really organic and interesting. The circular patio kit would make a fantastically relaxed dining area or maybe even emphasize a focal point in the garden. Don’t just have to use the kit by itself you can add to it with square or rectangular slabs to make a bigger space. Importantly you don’t have to square off a patio either, it can be the slabs bleed off into the gravel, a lovely textural contrast but this could be well so the start of a lawn with the gravel. Being the grass or even perhaps even a flower bed.

Use Colored Sandstone
The gorgeous honey-colored sandstone really epitomizes what the modern and contemporary garden is all about. That is good precision that’s unlike say rustic or traditional designs where you can afford to be a little bit rough around the edges but that’s something that we celebrate with that style of course. It’s sleek and precise, they make this patio looks seriously special and the way that the stone is laid, straight lines dead flat. It draws attention which makes the modern garden.

Use Carpet Stone
As well as using the stone to extend your living space into the garden you can, of course, think about using it to create a feature. You can use carpet stone to create a really pretty circular area around the gorgeous tree is an absolutely stunning focal point. These carpet stones are surprisingly easy to lie, cunningly each one is actually attached to a plastic nut and all you do is you pop the lock down into position. Then cut off any stones that don’t meet your pattern with a pair of scissors and just fill in the joints. If you are going to put any paving around trees dig carefully, don’t dig deeply or damage the roots. Then, when you lay your stones on top don’t point the joints with sand and cement, just push it into the joints thoroughly. You’ll find then is that water will, of course, percolate through the joints to the tree roots. These carpets are fantastic for this job because like the sand, they will move and flex as the tree roots underneath that up.

This article was adapted from “Ideas for patios” by B&Q.

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