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Bird Feeder Cleaning Tips for Happy and Healthy

Reference: Bird Feeder Cleaning | From the Ground Up

So, as the weather warms, not only are we starting to think about growing plants again. We’re also probably starting to think about feeding the birds.

There are many types of feeders out there. And regardless of what type of feeder you have, it’s really important that you take the time to properly maintain and clean your feeder so that you’re not inadvertently causing any disease or pest issues that might be passed onto the birds as they come to your yard.

We want to clean our feeders really well with soap and hot water. And then we want to maintain that cleanliness about every two weeks thereafter. A lot of that is just monitoring your feed, making sure there’s no spoilage, making sure it’s not getting wet and possibly moldy.

With hummingbird feeders, there’s also some additional considerations. We should be cleaning these at least once a week in cool weather. And as we get into the warmer weather of the summer, we should be cleaning these twice a week. If there is any mold development within the feeder, we should be adding a little bit of vinegar to that wash and rinse as well.

So, another type of feeder is a suet feeder. Anytime that it gets warm enough for the suet to melt there is potential for mold and other issues to develop, and we should be cleaning those feeders and restocking them at this time, as well.

So, as you start to get the itch to get your bird feeders out, make sure that you take the time to properly clean them so that we can help preserve the health and continue our enjoyment of our local bird populations.

Outus Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brush Mini Nylon Brush Set, 6 Pieces are a must have to keep your bird feeders clean and the hummers healthy. Quite sturdy, made by durable nylon for the bristle and hard plastic for the handle. These brushes set are great not only for cleaning the hummingbird feeder but also work really well for those “hard to get” spots like around the drain.


Outus Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brush Mini Nylon Brush Set, 6 Pieces

  • Package includes: 3 * long cleaning brush, 3 * short cleaning brush
  • Long brush length: 6.7 inches; Can clean most hummingbird feeder bottles
  • Short brush length: 3.9 inches; Can clean hummingbird feeder parts
  • Durable nylon bristle, hard plastic handle
  • You also can use the mini nylon brush to clean the tiny crevices of jewelry, watches, tubes, kid’s cups, etc.

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