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Top 5 Mistakes Indoor Hydroponics Growers Do

Here are the most 5 mistakes to avoid for all indoor hydroponics grower. Hopefully you don’t have several things on this list and hopefully, you’re doing things the right way. So, let’s get started.

1. Lack of Regular Maintenance
This is the most important part of hydroponics system that could be pH checking, water changes, transplanting and pest control. Hydroponics is not just a set-and-forget task, it requires some maintenance. If you forget to maintain a proper pH balance you can basically boil the roots or cause them to perish slowly. You’re going to want to check them once every two days or so and then follow the specified amounts for your particular plants. Lack of maintenance may lead to failure and failure equates to lost money. However, if you have good indoor hydroponics growing kits, it will allow you to get up and growing with very little effort.

2. Overfeeding
This problem especially for newbies who want to grow even faster by feed with a higher dilution of hydroponic nutrients per water. This excess level of nutrients causes a brown or yellow “burn” along the tips of your leaves. If nutrient levels are not lowered, the burnt tips start traveling inwards and tend to get crispy and twisted. It also leads to stunted growth and poor finished product too. So, it’s important to follow the instructions on your hydroponics nutrient label.

3. Poor Lighting
For hydroponics system, lights are doing for your garden is providing it with the ideal amount of artificial sunlight so that your salads will grow or your herbs can thrive. For that reason, if you go with the wrong lighting setup things can get ugly fast. Or worse, you could suppress your plant’s ability to produce. You can take advantage of modern LED lights, or light-emitting diodes to get the higher quality light that won’t harm your plants and reduce your energy consumption needs, bang for your buck.

4. Poor Environment
Every grower wants to provide their hydroponics garden with the best and cleanest environment possible. This includes the water, organic nutrients, oxygen and CO2 levels, air flow, etc. Nobody wants chemical pollutants that create breeding grounds for molds, pests, critters or diseases. Avoid for cheap and readily available fertilizers with ungodly amounts of industrial chemicals and toxins.

5. Lack of Preventive Maintenance
Don’t wait until you see the pest to deal with them, it might be too late. Pest and diseases can be avoided with regular preventive maintenance. You should develop a schedule that works for you when you don’t have pest or diseases, it’s called preventive maintenance. If you wait until you see a problem, you will panic and end up with disastrous results. Preventive maintenance is a key to your long-term success.

Become the careful grower, not the uninvolved or over-nurturing grower. And with this list, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor of love. Indoor hydroponic gardening is an incredible hobby that continues to pay off!

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